The Importance of Rebellion



Is rebellion bad? Hell, rebellion is what America was founded on. Rebellion is the thinking man’s resistance to persuasive training and coercive manipulation. Rebellion is often viewed as a socially irresponsible fad. Sure, some teenagers mistake true rebellion for a manner of dress, but in realities, it is much, much deeper.

Rebellion is not anti for the sake of anti. Rebellion is anti for the sake of legitimate defiance. The rebellious mind is often the only force capable of parting the smokescreens, which cloud the minds of the hoodwinked sheep. It takes a loud roaring voice of dissidence to snap sheep out of their hypnotic trances. Rebellion is usually nothing more than the expressions of the rare few who are actually paying attention.

Rebellion is not found in a national chain store. Sure, there are some symbols, which imply, “I am not like you, nor do I choose to be.” But a rebel is deeper than any symbol, or external facade. A true rebel is one who stands defiant with a reason, not a social season. Genuine rebellion is not a growing phase, it’s not a particular manner of dress, it’s a mindset.

A real rebel prefers true enemies to false friends. He prefers to be hated for his convictions than to be loved for his submission. He prefers blood-stained swords to gold-plates shackles. A rebel is often a person who stands tall and firm rather than bends out of convenience. The true rebel prefers the crown of ostracism to the noose of obedience. A rebel is simply someone who follows his own path, not that which is popular, socially acceptable, or currently fashionable.

Rebellion is not simply a word. Rebellion is our actions, our attitude, and our outlook.

Source: “The Importance of Rebellion,” from The Virus, by Thorin

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