Sufi Quotes by Hazrat Inayat Khan


hazrat inayat khan

Here are 15 of my most-loved inspirational quotes by the great Sufi mystic and spiritual teacher Hazrat Inayat Khan.

  • No one can be human and not make a mistake.
  • Love in its beginning lives only on reciprocity, but when fully developed it stands on its own feet.
  • Without humor human life is empty.
  • If by accident you step into the mud, it is not therefore necessary to keep on walking in the muddy path.
  • To repress desire is to suppress a divine impulse.
  • True spirituality is not fixed on faith or belief; it is the ennobling of the soul by rising above the barriers of material life.
  • I regard every obstacle on my path as an incentive to success.
  • A virtue carried too far may become a sin.
  • The water that washes the heart is the continual running of the love-stream.
  • The clever man knows best how to tell a lie, the wise man knows best how to avoid it.
  • There is no greater teacher for the evildoer than evil itself.
  • The lover of nature is the true worshiper of God.
  • Facts lose their color in the face of truth, as stars pale before the sun.
  • In the heart of sorrow there is a seed of joy.
  • Silence speaks louder than words.
Source: Hazrat Inayat Khan: The Complete Sayings, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

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