Rebellion: A Choice for Life


Rebellion is an effervescence in the soul, a creative whirlwind of awareness, and the natural drive of evolutionary instinct that takes form.

To stop rebelling means to stop evolving, which means an attempt to halt this natural force; a natural force that continuously seeks self-expression in the present moment, creating what I am moment by moment in a new, original and unpredictable way. To stop rebelling means betraying the fundamental pulsing of desire and of the life force that every one of us manifests in a way that is unique and unrepeatable. It means betraying the great Cosmic Plan that has brought us to this planet and wants us here and now as its living senses, present and luminous.

Ceasing to rebel means conforming to the contract of mediocrity that society asks you to sign every day in the name of survival and to turn your back to Life. Ceasing to rebel means to not risk making mistakes, to not take responsibility for our lives, to righteously point out the straw in another’s eye, unaware of the plank in our own. Ceasing to rebel means renouncing the pursuit of truth and adapting yourself to whatever truth is offered, imposed, sold to you. Ceasing to rebel means swallowing others’ truths and then complaining because we can’t digest them.

Continuing to hold oneself inside the structure of the personality involves enormous fatigue. We are so used to doing it that we’re not even aware of how much tension it produces, how many compromises we keep making, how much we forsake what we truly feel in the name of survival. We have been habituated since childhood to control and deaden our vitality, in all its forms, and to make ourselves small. We live, literally, within a band of energy that’s incredibly limited, where any extreme is unacceptable: too much sex isn’t allowed, too much happiness, too much attention, too much self-value, too much love; we can dream, but not really live.

Rebelling, then, is a choice for life, for truth and for the adventure of discovery. WHO AM I REALLY? Who is hiding behind the image I show to the world? What is life if I free myself from the concepts with which I define it and stop shrinking and making myself small in order to adapt myself to these concepts?

Source: “In praise of rebellion,” by Avikal Cosantino, from

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