Listen to Your Pain — It Has Important Lessons to Teach You



We are afraid of pain, and we are doing our best to avoid experiencing pain. We try to escape from pain in any way we can, but the more we do so, the more we find it in front of our face, staring at us right into the eyes.

We never stop and ask ourselves: why do we experience pain?

Pain is there for a reason — to show us that there’s something wrong with the way we are living, and that we need to change it, and only when we change it, will our pain cease.

Pain is a messenger, trying to protect us from further harming ourselves, but we’ve chosen to avoid listening to our pain, dreading its very presence. We’ve found myriad ways to distract ourselves from pain — from spending hours upon hours watching television to mindlessly consuming medication — lest there’s a moment of silence when we might confront it.

We push pain deep into our unconscious, and keep it there, buried yet well alive, and we’re always afraid that at any time in might erupt and we’ll come to experience it.

But what do we achieve by doing so?

We only achieve to be in a constant state of fear and stress, which will never be calmed unless we face and resolve our life’s problems. And we’ll never be able to resolve them, unless we take the time to listen to our pain, and pay attention to the important lessons it has to teach us.

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