Knowing for Yourself



You can get to know innumerable things. You can collect enormous amounts of information in your memory. You can read thousands of books, newspapers, and magazines. You can go to university and get a degree. Then after you’ve done all these, you will feel knowledgeable, and truly this feeling is great.

Being knowledgeable is a great way to boost your ego. It is perhaps the best way to show your superiority over others. We are always proud of knowing things, especially when few others share our knowledge. But is this kind of knowledge sprouting out of your understanding? In other words, do you truly understand what you know?

It is one thing to have opinions about things and quite another thing to understand things. People have opinions, which they hold in dear faith, but they don’t know why they have them, and their lifestyle doesn’t not reflect their opinions. So what is the point of knowing without understanding?

The purpose of life is not to gather information like a beggar from anywhere you can, but to turn your life experiences into knowledge. It is to let your experiences create your own truth, your own understanding of reality.

Learn, read, study–seek knowledge–but realize that you never truly know for yourself unless what you know has become your very being. Knowing for yourself means to embody your knowledge and express it in every aspect of your life.

Unless what you get to know transforms yourself, it cannot be called true knowledge.

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