Improve the Quality of Your Life: 8 Ways to Become Healthier, Happier, Wiser, and Peaceful



Most people desire to live in joy and celebration. However, being entangled with myriad problems in their lives, they find it difficult to enjoy themselves. Here is a small yet concise guide that will show you some simple ways to bring more happiness into your life, become healthier in body and mind, achieve wisdom, and find peace with yourself and the world.

1. Turn off your TV

One of the best things I did in my life was that I stopped watching television. TV is heavily brainwashing us, feeding as false, partial information, and hypnotizing us with superficial things that no sane human being would ever be interested in. Advertisements create false needs, urging us to consume without end, soap operas offer nothing more but a cheap substitute for the adventure and connections we deep down long for, and journalists turn us into idiots that believe only what authority wants them to believe. Turn off your TV now — or, better, throw it out of your window!

2. Learn to say no

The power of no is tremendous, and only those who dare to utilize it can reap the benefits from it. From a very young age, society has taught us to compromise and follow ready-made paths created by others for us, as if we are sheep following a shepherd which we cannot even recognize. Escape from the herd, and say no to whoever exploits you or makes you do things that your hearts doesn’t feel like doing!

3. Move your body

Nowadays the majority of people spend most of their time sitting on a chair, not moving their body at all. Not surprisingly, they don’t feel vibrant and have lost touch with the immense wisdom of their body, feeling sluggishness not only physically, but mentally too, since the mind and body are intimately connected. From today, make sure to move your body more, whether that means walking, running, jumping, doing strength training, martial arts, yoga, or whatever you enjoy, and I assure you that this will dramatically boost your energy levels, hence your health and happiness, and therefore improve the overall quality of your life.

4. Spend time in nature

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would lie down on grass, climb on trees, jump from cliffs into the sea, listen to birds chirping and you were filled with joy, awe, and wonder? Do you remember when you would play with pebbles on the beach, look at the clouds as they were floating above you, observe the beauty of the stars and contemplate on the vastness of the universe? Now, as an adult, do you remember when was the last time you did any of these things? Yet, it’s never too late to re-connect with the child within, and re-experience the beauty of life! Perhaps the best way to do so is to spend more of your time in nature, whether that is in your backyard, the nearest park, the mountains, or the sea! It doesn’t really matter where, as long as it is an environment pulsating with the life of nature, which will help you feel calm, let go of stress, find fulfillment and realize what matters most in life.

5. Eat healthy

As you might have heard, you are what you eat. Indeed, the fuel you put in your body will affect its function and condition. Scientific studies have shown again and again the superiority of a whole, organic, unprocessed plant-based diet. Animal-derived foods, as well as processed, filled-with-pesticides foods are killing people slowly, without them being aware of the poisons that they’re consuming on a daily basis. If you want to see your physical and mental health improved, be sure to consume foods that are contributing to your well-being, and not foods that you eat just out of habit or because you’ve been brainwashed to consume by manipulative advertisements from companies that care about nothing other than their own economic gain.

6. Enter silence

We talk too much, think too much, and do too much in general. How many minutes did you take today to relax your mind, not thinking about anything in particular, just being in silent communion with yourself and your surroundings? We’re living in an age of distraction where we’re always busy doing things, and as a result we are burdened with immense stress that is ruining our lives. If you want to relieve yourself of that burden, take a few minutes or hours every day to sit or lie down in silence, just observing your sensations, feelings, and thoughts without judging them or being attached to them, until they disperse and you achieve a silent, peaceful state of consciousness.

7. Laugh like a child

When we were children, we used to laugh from the belly, forgetting all our worries, enjoying the simple beauty of the present moment. As adults, most people don’t laugh a lot–they are serious and look at fun as a waste of time. Only if these people would remember how much better their life was when they could still laugh and play! No matter how many difficulties you’ve passed through, never give up laughter, because happiness always goes hand-in-hand with laughter.

8. Seek knowledge

Knowledge is power, and without knowledge you can be easily urged to believe and do things, no matter how stupid and harmful they are. Learn by using any tool that helps you become wiser, whether that is books, articles, or documentaries. Spend more of your time contemplating how you can grow into the best version of yourself and hence how to live a life with less suffering and more beauty and peace.

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