How to Always Be True to Yourself and Others


To be true to yourself and others is the most difficult thing to achieve, but the only way to be truly fulfilled.

But how to be always true to yourself and others? Here is my little guide:

1. Don’t follow others. Always follow your inner voice. Nobody knows what is good for you better than yourself.

2. Listen to others, but never obey them. People’s suggestions might help, but always use critical thinking to find out what is right or not.

3. Always think for yourself. If you don’t, someone else will do the thinking for for you.

4. Create your own path of life and walk on it. Each person is different, so don’t walk on ready-made paths that were meant for others.

5. Be honest with others, but first be honest with yourself.

6. Don’t try to make others happy if you don’t feel happy doing it. Helping is one thing, sacrificing is another.

7. Say “no” when necessary. Never be afraid to express your opinion, even if it opposes that of others.

8. Never imitate others. To paraphrase Oscar Wilder, you can only be yourself, everyone else is taken.

9. Don’t be afraid to be different. Everyone is unique, so never compromise your true self.

10. If you have a dream, pursue it.

11. Admit your mistakes. Only in this way can you learn and grow.

12. Take risks when needed. Being a coward prevents you from growing.

13. Seek the truth, no matter how painful it might be.

14. Speak the truth, regardless of the consequences. Remember that no matter how many lies may fight truth, in the end truth always triumphs.

15. Doubt all beliefs that have been placed upon you since childhood.

16. Don’t be afraid. What you fear controls you.

17. Take responsibility for your life. Don’t blame others for your misfortunes. You have the choice to create your reality the way you wish.

18. Have faith in yourself.

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