How to Achieve Your Life’s Purpose

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A real purpose is just like a magnet which brings together all your efforts and challenges you to achieve your purpose. The following are rules that can be applied to create concentration and focus. They are simple but far reaching in their effects.

1. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart and concentration, and try to complete it before you start doing something else.

This needs discipline, and it is often very beneficial to go and work for a boss and follow his instruction to create a “sense of continuity” in you.

2. Do your own duty instead of trying to do the duties of others.

If you do not focus yourself on your own duties but try to be interested in the duties of others and interfere in them, you soon lose the opportunity to have roots. You become rootless. You see many rootless plants carried here and there by the wind.

Doing your own duty creates roots. What are roots?…Stability, focus, concentration, sense of responsibility.

3. Create a purpose and three goals to achieve that purpose. Write about your goals and know them as factually as possible.

Set the steps to reach your goals, and do all that is possible to fulfill your goals.

After fulfilling your goals, see how close you are to your purpose.

Once you accomplish your three goals and achieve your “purpose,” you will feel very strong, self-confident, focused, and concentrated.

Now you can create another “purpose” and do the same thing. After achieving these “purposes,” you are a man or woman who can be successful in the world.

During the period of working with your goals to try to achieve your set “purpose,” you will have intuitive moments in which you will be conscious about a Purpose which transcends all your so-called “purposes,” but such a flash will be so fast that the next moment you will lose it.

Periodically the flash of the ultimate Purpose of your life will visit you until your brain one day catches it for a few seconds.

Your glory will start from that moment of realization of your Purpose, and you will enter into the path of success.

An unstable mind and an unstable life are a great waste. They are sources of confusion and instability for others.

People who change their goals often and run after new goals without accomplishing their former goals and achieving their “purpose” eventually turn their back on their purpose. They often hate it and become enemies of those who have a similar purpose. Those who are frustrated become the traitors of those who show signs of having a similar purpose to their own.


A person who was changing his church every year eventually told me that all churches were useless. Another person who was changing his political ideology every six months came to the conclusion that all ideologies were nonsense. Another person who was reading every kind of book eventually gave away all his two thousand books. Another person complained that all branches of the Ageless Wisdom had no substance, and he became a materialist.

The reason for all this is that such people have never touched the essence of the things they tried, or they were not ready yet for studies which they wanted to master.

Too much undigested food makes the stomach reject all kinds of food.

Daily we can exercise these virtues in the smallest of our deeds, developing them bit by bit, and eventually turn into stable persons.

Source: Leadership,vol.4, by Torkom Saraydarian

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