How People Die Before They Even Live

People have forgotten how to live. They only survive.

Being continuously  focused on the future, we have forgotten what life is. You see, the future does not exist and it never will – it is only our present anticipation. The more you move towards the future, the further away it moves from you.

Look around you and you will see people in a continuous hurry doing things for the future.Their life is just a preparation for the future. But what about today? All play, everything that is worth living in the present moment, all joy one can derive from life is simply put aside. And therefore people finds themselves in a continuous state of sadness and futility. They work, they struggle continuously with no result, just like Sisyphus in the myth. And then, when they have not found joy in their life on Earth, they wonder whether there is life for them after death, so that they may at least enjoy themselves after they die.

From a very young age, we are continuously thinking of the future. Children think of passing their school exams so that they can go to a good university to study in order to get a degree. Once they finally achieve to get their desired degree, they start looking for a job which will allow them to earn a decent salary, thinking that this alone will bring them happiness. Then they seek to marry and have children. But once they create a family of their own they realize that they don’t have enough time spend with their family, so they are waiting for the day they will retire from work, which will allow them do things they love. But when they have reached to this point of their life, they become aware that death is approaching fast, and they find themselves in disappointment. And when in such a situation, they wish they were younger so that they would live differently.

The exact same story will be repeated by their children.

But is this called living? I call it death.

By The Unbounded Spirit

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