Choosing Happiness Over Suffering

Humanity is just like a tree whose roots have been cut and thus it cannot draw nourishment from the earth so as to grow and flower. The need for nourishment is satisfied by false substitutes, which make the need even stronger. It is just like being thirsty and attempting to to quench your thirst by drinking salted water.

We need love but we have substituted love with attachment.

We need faith in ourselves, but we have substituted love with belief in religion.

We need courage, but we have substituted courage with conformity.

We need peace but we have substituted peace with all sorts of compromises.

Naturally, we experience a deep state of suffering and ignorance. And yet we are not ready to sacrifice neither suffering for happiness nor ignorance for wisdom.

We feel so secure in the known state of suffering that we don’t want to exchange it for the unknown state of happiness. We have been so used to living in the darkness of ignorance that we are afraid of opening ourselves to the light of wisdom.

We have chosen to live this way, and it is in our hands to choose to live differently.

All it takes is a decision.

By The Unbounded Spirit

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