Belief Systems: Why We Believe

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Since the earliest known written records that exist, it is easily seen that mankind has always found a need to have a belief in something…even though that belief may seem illogical and wrong to others further down in history or even in the same time period but in another culture. Some people believe in a higher power…others believe there is nothing outside what the five senses can perceive. No matter how different beliefs are from one another, they always seem to have a passionate and devout group of followers. Why is this? Why are there so many different belief systems that are so different from each other? The most frightening question of all is to ask which belief system is the true one?

There have been perhaps millions of people who have lived a certain way, according to one specific belief system or dogma because it was what their parents believed. Most people tend to stick to that belief system, either because they truly feel it is the correct path to follow, or because they have fear…fear if they leave this path, whether it is correct or not, they will be utterly lost in life and the psychological damage will be to great.

Perhaps the most difficult way to change a belief system is if you are born into one. You have been taught to think a certain way and conditioned to believe that way is right and all others are wrong. This is usually, but not exclusively the case. There are minds which are stronger than others and will reject the belief system because they see that it does not make sense at all. However, most do not have this ability to see through the inconsistencies and errors of that belief system.

Others believe out of fear…fear of the consequences if they don’t believe in a certain belief system. The consequences are usually dire and can even transcend space and time. Fear is the ultimate control factor and one can only look to the past and see this is a matter of truth. However, many times this fear is unsubstantiated and false. The fear is sometimes even illogical. If someone is following a belief system primarily because they do not want to face the consequences if they do not believe and live according to that system, then they are believing in the wrong reasons.

So why do we believe what we believe? One more explanation is the most rational of all and should be the reason anyone believes in a certain system of beliefs. This reason is the Truth. There are those, who will not be allowed to be brainwashed, mind controlled, psychologically manipulated, or forced into believing in something that does not make sense. There are those that wish to believe in only what is right and will have an open enough mind to go out and search both within and outwardly to see if a particular belief is correct and true. These courageous people will believe in only something that pours out love continuously and whose fruit and works are good and just. These people refuse to sit around in spiritual stagnation or follow a set of ritual beliefs that don’t produce anything valuable. They try to discover the purpose of their lives and what is the ultimate goal for them, whether it be in this life or in a life after death.

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