Hey there. My name is Sofo Archon and I feel lucky to be pulsating with life and grateful for all that existence has offered me open-handedly, enjoying this incarnation’s journey, with its ups and downs. I love painting, writing, reading, eating delicious vegan food, traveling, and meeting awesome people from around the globe.

Sofo Archon

The Unbounded Spirit is my one-man labor of love, through which I am sharing part of my being with millions of readers from every corner of our planet. Created in 2012 out of my thirst to reach out to the world, it has helped form a solid community of over 320,000 like-minded individuals (feel free to join them on our facebook page or via my newsletter).

The articles you’ll find here touch on a wide range of disciplines, including art, health, ecology, philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology, economics and technology, but all of them, though different in topic, share something in common: they point to a better way of living.

The intention of The Unbounded Spirit is not to turn readers into believers, so please don’t believe anything that you read here as being the truth. In fact, no absolute truth can be expressed through words, so just take from the writings only what you find personally enlightening and helpful, and discard what doesn’t contribute to your understanding and well-being.

May you learn and enjoy.