5 Minimalist Tips For a Distraction-Free, Healthier Life


Are you a fan of minimalism? Do you find all that clutter and noise distracting? Well, giving the fact when actually minimalism emerged, can paint us a pretty good picture as for why it was brought up in the first place. I’m guessing that the key to this were the more and more distractions that we were constantly getting, and lifestyle becoming more of a roller coaster nowadays. But understanding minimalism is not only in extent of the interior in your home. Yes, it’s nice to have things neat and keep your space extra organized. At least I’m a great fan of that, and enjoy a minimalistic lifestyle in my house. And while minimalism as a concept of interior is not only a good aesthetics idea, it’s also a great addition to productivity and healthy lifestyle. But let’s forget now on the word minimalistic as in terms of design. Let’s focus on how making other aspects of your life minimalistic can give you tons and tons of benefits.

Aspects in your life in which you can benefit from minimalism

1. Do you keep your fridge unorganized? And if you are now asking how unorganized applies here, let me give you a hint. Meat on the same shelf as milk, soda, some apple here and there, junk food that was opened and left for later… Yes, this means unorganized among other things. Applying the concept of minimalism here can make a huge difference in how you stack your food supplies, therefore making room for the healthiest of eating habits. Organizing everything inside the fridge, can give you a clear picture of what you are eating, and by that you will be one step ahead on deciding what you should or shouldn’t add or take away from your diet. This habit also extends to every place in your house where you keep food, so you will have home that has been optimized for healthy life. Don’t let me tell you how this can benefit you more if you have children around the house.

2. Always pack less when you are headed for an outdoor activity with your friends such as hiking. We all have that friend that always caries tons of stuff with him, couple bottles of water, food enough to feed a whole family, games that no one is probably going to play, full kit for the digital camera, jacket, even if the weather is not for wearing on… This will only make you more and more nervous instead of relaxed while enjoying nature. Keep things minimal. I’m not saying not to take your camera for example, but understanding what you need and what you can go without is very important if you want to enjoy the day ahead of you.

3. How many cellphones do you have? More than one? Why? Ask yourself whether it is so important for you to give your attention on these devices. Because you know what? Only one cellphone can act as a very powerful distraction nowadays, let alone more than one. Tell you what, pick the cellphone that you think can handle everything you need (be real here, do not go for something you do not actually need), and then make it as much organized as you can. Keep it clean, without additional widgets, stickers and so on. Maybe this all sounds silly to you, but being a device that is so used on frequent basis nowadays, it’s very wise to keep it simple and minimalistic. If you ask yourself how to improve your concentration, this can help you a great deal. I guess I know now why apple made hit with their iPhone.

4. Keep your bed area as minimalistic as it can get. Why this is important? For one thing, nothing distracts you while you are trying to fall asleep (and this is a problem for some nowadays). Keeping your night stand organized, your bed always clean and neat, having no clothes or anything else on the floor around it will definitely benefit your life in terms of being able to get a nice sleep and you will now not have problems with waking up early.

5. Having your clothes and stuff ready for the gym or any outdoor activity organized and in minimal number can give you more time to focus on the activity ahead, instead of wasting your time on going through piles of clothes, or deciding what you should or shouldn’t wear. Have two pieces of clothes for each activity (if they are of different type) and by keeping things minimal you will be spending far less time on unimportant decisions.

Adjusting just these aspects and areas of your life can make a huge difference in how productive, healthy and relaxed you are. Optimizing these things by making them minimal and neat will take nothing more than just a small portion of your time.


This is a guest post by Slavko Desik from Lifestyle Updated

Photo courtesy of Araí Moleri Riva-Zucchelli

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