4 Reasons Why Laughing is Good for You


Here are some good reasons to laugh. Laughing is good for you because:


1. Laughter boosts your immune system

Research studies have demonstrated that laughter can actually boost the immune system, increasing the number of antibody-producing T cells. Therefore, people who laugh often are less likely to get coughs and colds. In addition, laughter has also been found to lower the levels of at least four hormones that are associated with stress. So If you laugh often you will feel far less tense and anxious.

2. Laughter endorses creativity and learning

Another great reason why laughter is good for you is that it can help you be much more creative and learning. Psychological research has demonstrated that students are far more likely to learn easier from a teacher who is able to break the classroom routine with humorous stories. It has been found that a teacher who enjoys laughing and making other people laugh, creates a more relaxed and positive environment in the classroom, which is beneficial for the student. Also, it has been found that if the information presented can be associated with jokes or a humorous part, then students are more likely to remember the main points of the class. Last but not least, studies show that laughter can help students see things from a different perspective (see below).

3. Laughter makes you look young

Did you know that laughing requires as many as 15 muscles to squeeze facial muscles into a smile? Now what does this mean? It simply means that laughing actually helps increase the blood flow around the face making you look and feel younger.

4. Laughter changes perspective

The power of humor is that it gives us a more lighthearted perspective. Humor can make us view events as challenges thereby making them more positive. Laughing at our mistakes makes us emotionally detached, and this helps us look at situations from a more clear, objective perspective.

By The Unbounded Spirit

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