24 Ways to Simplify Your Relationships

Here’s a list of 24 ways to simplify your relationships:

1.  Be honest with others (it will help avoid complex issues and conflict).
2. Treat everyone with respect, not just your close friends or relationship.
3. Treat everyone fairly, don’t complicate things with favoritism.
4. Trust others without them having to earn it first.
5. Accept people for who they are and don’t expect them to change.
6. Compare yourself only to yourself from the past, no one else.
7. Learn to say, “No.”
8. Ask your friends and family for things they are looking for, and give them any items you can do without that you have.
9. Keep all your contacts and address book items in one place.
10. Involve your whole family with simplifying your life.
11. Tell your friends about what you want to achieve by simplifying.
12. Pick some of the actions above and do them with a friend.
13. Focus on activities for doing things instead of buying.
14. Spend less time with the “negatrons” around you and more time with positive people.
15. Apologize quickly for any hurtful actions.
16. Spend time in private with a significant other each week.
17. Go for walks and have time to just talk with your friends and family (you don’t always need to be doing anything).
18. Make a gift for someone else instead of buying one.
19. Write a personal thank you note or letter to a friend.
20. Call someone you care for with no reason other than to tell them you were thinking of them and wish them a wonderful day.
21. Walk away from all gossip and don’t participate in those conversations.
22. Put family meals at home first and don’t let work get in the way.
23. Stay completely disconnected from work on weekends and vacations.
24. Listen to others and stop talking so much yourself.

Source: “Simplify Your Relationships,” from learnthis.ca

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