I’m A Guy Who Stopped Dating Because I Found The Next Best Thing


When I first turned 30, I knew I was entering a decade of high expectations. Sure, I knew it was a milestone age, and I had accomplished most of what I set out to do — except find love.

I still dated while fielding the occasional questions from my peers and elders about why I had to yet to find love.

They were curious about what I desired in a romantic partner. I told them I had no particular standards and just desired someone who would make me happy and who I would make happy in return. For me, it all came down to compatibility.


Tree Hugging Now Scientifically Validated


It has been recently scientifically validated that hugging trees is good for you. Research has shown that you don’t even have to touch a tree to get better, you just need to be within its vicinity has a beneficial effect.

In a recently published book, Blinded by Science, the author Matthew Silverstone, proves scientifically that trees do in fact improve many health issues such as concentration levels, reaction times, depression, stress and other various forms of mental illness. He even points to research indicating a tree’s ability to alleviate headaches in humans seeking relief by communing with trees.


Why The Apple Is One Of The World’s Most Healing Superfoods


This commonly overlooked superfood protects the body from nuclear fallout, kills a wide range of cancers, and keeps the arteries unclogged — to name but a few, experimentally confirmed ways in which the apple awakens your inner physician.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


Full Spectrum Bliss: The Secret to an Oxytocin-Based Sexual Connection


Sex is one of the most common ways we feel deep euphoric bliss in our lives. It creates a feeling of pleasure, liberation and euphoric release, releasing bio-energy within our body. Of course, sex can also cause a lot of problems in our lives. There can be negative consequences associated with sex when it is not engaged in or perceived in a sustainable, connected and bliss-giving way. It can affect our self-esteem and throw our intimate relationships out of whack, particularly when it is viewed only as a way to achieve orgasm, not as a shared energetic connection.


20 Revealing Signs You May Be Living in the Matrix


The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work. or you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. ~The Matrix

These 20 signs reveal that you may be living in the Matrix:

1. You spend most of your time devoted to paying off a mortgage rather than enjoying life.


14 Lies Your Mind Tells You to Prevent Life Changes


Scumbag mind.

I’ve had to learn to watch these rationalizations and excuses very carefully, in order to make the changes I’ve made in my life: a healthier diet, regular exercise, meditation, minimalism, writing daily, getting out of debt, quitting smoking, and so on.

If I hadn’t learned these excuses, and how to counter them, I would never have stuck to these changes. In fact, I failed many times before 2005 (when I started changing my life), because these excuses had complete power over me.

Let’s expose the cowardly mind’s excuses and rationalizations once and for all.


The Art of Receiving Pleasure


“There is a secret about human love that is commonly overlooked: Receiving it is much more scary and threatening than giving it. How many times in your life have you been unable to let in someone’s love or even pushed it away? Much as we proclaim the wish to be truly loved, we are often afraid of that, and so find it difficult to open to love or let it all the way in.” ~ John Welwood

Most of us are not talented receivers when it comes to love. Whether or not we are able to give love has surprisingly little to do with its polar opposite of being able to open to the love coming towards us. We refuse the love we say we want when we complain about the packaging it arrives in. We refuse the lover we say we want when we blame them for what they are not. We refuse the love and the lover we say we want when we justify our refusal in the storylines of anger, guilt and inadequacy. In fact, most people when pushed to the edge of their refusal to receive love will admit to what may be the most painful universal wound of all – the belief that underneath it all we don’t deserve the love we say we want.


5 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Wearing Heels


The things we enjoy aren’t always the things that are good for us. Just look at high heels as an example—they can do serious, painful damage to your feet, yet many women choose to wear them day in and day out. If you have had a hard time letting go of your high heel habit, find out what is really happening to your feet when you wear these shoes.


What Parents Need To Know About Monsanto: “By 2025 One In Two Children Will Be Autistic”


“Children today are sicker than they were a generation ago. From childhood cancers to autism, birth defects and asthma, a wide range of childhood diseases and disorders are on the rise. Our assessment of the latest science leaves little room for doubt; pesticides are one key driver of this sobering trend.” October 2012 report by Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) (source)(source)

In 1975, 1 in every 5000 would develop autism. In 1985, it was 1 in every 2,500. In 1995 , it was 1 in every 500, in 2005 in was 1 in every 166 and today it is approximately 1 in every 68 children. This is exactly why scientists are making some extraordinary statements. (source)


Why We Don’t Mature With Age, We Mature Through Hardship


“I want to be wise. And you know how you get wise? By screwing up.”
— Myra McEntire

My mother always told me, “With age comes wisdom.” While she had a point, she should have also said, “With hardship comes even more wisdom.”

Maybe the two are intertwined. Maybe hardship happens because of age, and wisdom follows. Either way, it’s important to note that no one matures without a hefty amount of psychological scarring.

Whether it’s a breakup that almost killed you, an experience that almost broke you or a lifelong struggle that threw you over and over again, all of those hardships carried meaning.


Read This Before Ever Stretching Again (and that includes for your back and sciatica pain)


Stretching can be great for your health, but there are all too many myths about stretching readily available out there. Unfortunately, if we believe too many of these stretching myths, we may not reap the maximum benefit from our stretches—and in some cases, we end up only causing ourselves pain and injury.


14 Ways the Girl with a Big Heart but Complicated Mind Loves Differently


Being with the girl with a big heart but complicated mind may sometimes feel like you’re dating the most complex and satisfying of all puzzles.

Just when you start to feel like you’re figuring her out – you find another piece to the puzzle that throws everything off.

The girl with a big heart but complicated mind definitely loves differently. Spoiler alert: you’ll always be entertained.


9 Important Things You Should Know about Yourself


There are so many important things you don’t know about yourself, so many wonderful and precious things. And today I would like to share with you 9 of these things. 



The Real Reasons We Push People Away Before We Give Them A Chance


There’s a new dating technique Millennials have picked up on. It’s called the “let’s end this before it gets started” method, and it’s really catching on.

Most likely generated from a dating culture bathed in social media and Tinder, it’s become as popular and widely used as the equally popular no-text-back response.

We’re meeting at a rapid rate and dropping at each other accordingly. We’re giving out our numbers and taking them back just as fast. We’re constantly connecting and then disconnecting.


Relationships Don’t Stop Working; We Do.


Every relationship hits a point where it feels like it’s not working anymore

I don’t just mean that failed relationships hit this point. No, I’m saying all relationships hit this point, even the good ones.

I think one of the worst lies we tell ourselves is, “It’s not supposed to feel this way.” Whenever I hear this I have to wonder what people are expecting it should feel like. Are they expecting that relationships should always go smoothly? That partners will always feel connected? That there will always be a spark? All the time?


15 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Wayne Dyer


“We are not our bodies, our possessions, or our career. Who we are is Divine Love and that is Infinite.” ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ​(1940-2015)

There are people in this world who can touch our hearts in really profound and meaningful ways, and that’s exactly the impact Wayne Dyer had on me.

Wayne W. Dyer, you were one of the most beautiful, humble and authentic people who ever walked on this Earth. And I learned so much from you. You taught me how to be humble, how to live in love and truth, and how to always honor who I truly am underneath it all. You taught me how to be better than I used to be and I will always be thankful for this. Thank you for sharing your love, your knowledge and your wisdom with all of us.


Looks Can Be Deceiving: This is NOT a Chameleon

When you first look at these photos you might think they are beautiful images of a Chameleon on a vine, but look closer. Do you see it? The images are actually 2 women with body paint.

The artist, Johannes Stötter, is an incredibly talented body paint artist from italy, and he might arguably be the most talented body artist on Earth. It took Stötter nearly 4 hours to design the piece and 6 hrs to actually paint his ideas on the women. He skillfully blends the models’ lines and curves or uses them to supplement the forms he’s creating.

If you enjoy his work as much as we do, visit this website at the bottom for prints!



See What Happens to Your Body When You Eat 3 Dates Daily


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you started eating dates? Probably not. Most people don’t think about dates very much and particularly about the health benefits. But dates are pretty amazing and this little fruit can provide some excellent health benefits. If you start eating three dates a day, here is what you will start to see.


We Can All Fall In Love, But It’s Staying In Love That’s The Hard Part


Falling in love isn’t a choice; it’s an irrational chain of events that simply cannot be stopped. It can happen slowly, over time, or quickly in a matter of moments. One glance. One touch. One eight-hour phone conversation. And it’s all over.

Falling in love is the easy part — the excitement that comes with learning what makes another person tick, and the equally terrifying counterpart of exposing your soul to somebody else. It’s interesting, unique. It never happens the same way twice.


He Embraced His Dying Wife And Prepared To Say Goodbye. What He Did Next Left Me In Tears.

Howard and Laura have been married for over 73 years, and although both are well into their 90s, their love is as strong as it was the day they first fell in love. Laura’s health sadly took a turn for the worse recently, and she had to be moved to hospice care – but Howard refused to leave the side of his true love.

Then, as they were making peace with her final days, Howard surprised Laura with something that meant the world to them both.