5 Reasons You Need to Be Dating a Man With a Beard


If you asked me why a woman should date a man with a beard; I’m probably going to ramble off wood chopping statistics or scenarios involving survivability in the woods after a disaster, only because those are the two most important things that I consider in any dating scenario – especially mine.

Now I know that beards aren’t for everyone, and I totally understand that. Some men just don’t grow beards well, and some women don’t like them. But, let’s face it: I’m a little biased on the topic.

So Instead of going off on a self-beard-loving rant reminiscent of a Kanye West song, I am going to present a very logical, thought-out list of reasons why you need to be dating a man with a beard.


The Amazing Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

himalayan pink salt

Have you heard about the amazing Himalayan crystal salt that comes directly from the Himalayan Mountains? It is packed with some pretty amazing benefits and is an amazing new staple to add to your pantry. It is an absolutely wonderful alternative to table salt, and soon I’ll explain why.

The History

First of all, what makes Himalayan crystal salt so amazing? About 200 million years ago, there were crystallized sea salt beds that were covered with lava. Being kept in this untouched, pristine environment that has been surrounded with snow and ice for so many years means that the salt has been protected from modern day pollution. Many people believe that this pink salt from the Himalayas is the purest salt that can be found on the planet.


10 Hallmarks of Healthy Relationships


Working in the therapeutic sector with many different people in many types of relationships – including partners, parents/children and friends – it has become apparent that there are a few key factors which are generally present when the relationship is healthy.

Throughout the following ten hallmarks a common theme is open and clear communication. We may feel or think a certain way, but if we don’t express it, how the hell is anyone meant to know? Real communication is without a doubt integral to a healthy relationship, so if it’s not one of our strong points, then we should keep practicing it until it is.


4 Types of People No One Needs in Their Life

types of people

A wise man once said “If a man’s wealth is judged by the company he keeps, then I am the richest man I know”. If that is the case, there are some of us who are impoverished. So many times, I have had friends ask me what they should do concerning another person in their life, and my answer is more often than not “get rid of them”. That’s a concept that is much easier said than done in some cases, like when it is a spouse or blood relative, but in reality – you don’t HAVE to keep someone around that is toxic to your life. Most people do it out of guilt, or some warped sense of duty.

Whatever the case may be, the following are some personality types that I personally try and avoid. Now I’ll bet you that you’ll know a person in your life that fits into each of these categories. If not -it might just be you :)


6 Things Your Soul Wants You to Know


We all wander through life searching for a higher purpose. We live with the same questions. Who are we? Why are we here? What are we meant to be doing? Am I living my best life?

Throughout my life I have pondered these questions. My experiences with over 400 deaths as a frontline social worker in a busy ER gave me the greatest insights and new understandings about death, dying and how the soul wishes to express itself in life.

Each life experience is an invitation to live as closely as possible to your soul’s true essence.

To help you to do that – this is what your soul wants you know…


Happiness Comes from Giving and Helping, Not Buying and Having


Materialism doesn’t lead to well-being, but altruism does.

So many of us strive so hard for material success that you might think there was a clear relationship between wealth and happiness. The media and our governments encourage us to believe this, since they need us to keep earning and spending to boost economic growth. From school onwards, we’re taught that long term well-being stems from achievement and economic prosperity – from ‘getting on’ or ‘making it’, accumulating more and more wealth, achievement and success.

Consequently, it comes as a shock for many people to learn that there is no straightforward relationship between wealth and well-being. Once our basic material needs are satisfied (i.e. once we’re assured of regular food and adequate shelter and a basic degree of financial security), wealth only has a negligible effect on well-being.


10 Steps to Access Your Goodness and Change Your Life


“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” ~Henry David Thoreau 

A few years ago I found myself on the floor of my apartment with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, feeling miserable.

In fact, I had felt that way for a while. My four-year relationship had collapsed, work was losing its meaning, and I felt deeply misunderstood, unloved, and lonely. Money was tight; I was overweight, lethargic, and confused; and my future seemed blurry.

But then, something changed.

I decided to shift my perspective and see what my life would be like if I stopped beating myself up over “not being good enough” and accepted who I was.


Accepting the Loss of a Loved One and Finding Peace Again


“Life is a process of becoming. A combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” ~Anais Nin

Meaningful relationships are crucial to our happiness. We need the human bond to feel connected and joyful, and we enjoy life much more when we share it with people we love.

There are times, however, when we are forcefully separated from our loved ones. Coping with loss can be one of the most difficult things we ever have to do. Everyone copes with grief differently, and some of us never do.


14 Things A Responsible Father Will Never Do


I know so many fathers who were barely present when their children were growing up. Yet the father’s role is a most important one because, aside from providing a safe home, he must carry out the duties of fatherhood diligently. That includes loving support, guidance and encouragement in winning life’s battles. Here are 14 things a responsible father will never do.

1. He will never set a bad example.

How many times have you heard a father tell his kids that there are certain things they must not do, like losing their temper and behaving badly? The problem is that some fathers lose it and are not a role model for their kids at all. They lose their temper when driving and curse the other drivers loudly. They forget that kids copy behavior.


How Music Benefits the Brain


Music has played an important part of every human culture, both past and present. (1) People around the world experience universal responses to music. (2) We’re all familiar with how certain pieces of music can change your mood, get you motivated, or help you concentrate. And now, advances in neuroscience enable researchers to quantitatively measure how music affects the brain.

Their discoveries are exciting — and good news for music lovers.